Gremlin Sighting

Ol’ FM doesn’t miss a thing. His observation skills are finely tuned. He senses changes in wind direction and temperature without any instruments. He can spot a small rearrangement of furniture and even knows when I have used his carefully placed tools. Since moving to the Queendom, he has shown an amazing ability to spot wildlife and get the camera out before I can even say “where??”.

“Look!  What is that?”  he asks, as we sit enjoying our lunch on the sunny porch.

He has indicated something across the pond. He hasn’t given me much to go on so I look for ripples in the water and look farther across to the opposite shore. He leaps up, locates the camera and gets ready to take a photo before I have found the mysterious creature.

Zoomed in pretty close here so it”s a bit blurry. He sure looks like a small beaver to me.

He was fast and he didn’t stay around for a photo shoot, but we had a good look.

It doesn’t stay for long but we both saw enough to identify it. It is a sleek black furry mammal who swam and dove elegantly. As he exited the water, he was smooth and had a shape similar to a ferret. He was small – about the length of a cat – but low to the ground. We guessed ferret, weasel, ermine, river otter, mink and wolverine.

photo credit to

What he would have looked like if we’d staged a photo shoot.

What did people ever do before google image searches?  We hauled out the laptop and determined that we had seen an American Mink. We know they are common around here because so many chicken farmers dread the damage that they can quickly do to a flock. Our neighbour told us that in one night, mink killed 16 of her 25 chickens, by puncturing their jugular veins and flinging them around wildly. In the morning, the chicken coop was a bloody mess of carcasses and feathers.

But this little guy hardly seems capable of such atrocities. He is as cute as a button – until the fangs come out! Kind of reminds me of those adorable creatures in the 1984 movie hit “Gremlins”

Cuteness with fangs!

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