Happily Ever After

Last summer, Zorro brought us two adorable chicks, Flipper and Pilot.

M's Samsung 2725

Pilot and Flipper, around two months old

Perhaps you even recall an earlier post featuring Flipper and ‘her’ near-miss with a hawk. It turns out that both of these young chicks were male and both started to crow around five months old. With equal surprise and disappointment, FM and I had to accept that we now had two young roos strutting around the Queendom. Stryper, our alpha roo, was displeased with these new additions and demonstrated it with cacaphonic crowing all day, every day. He was never aggressive with his young sons but endlessly sang about it.

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Stryper is a gentle, handsome fellow whose only defense is to crow. He had no time or patience for these young sons.

There are very few choices when it comes to unwanted roosters. Until fairly recently, a Hobby Farm Network facebook page allowed folks to advertise their unwanted livestock online, allowing other farmers to purchase or take animals off your hands. That is how Stryper came to us – our rooster was killed and we needed another one Pronto. That very day, we picked up Stryper (for free), from a local family who no longer wanted to listen to his song, all via the facebook farm network and it was one of the best moves ever for our little flock.

But, facebook has cracked down and no longer allows the sale or trade of animals so we didn’t have any options for re-homing our young boys. This means our choices (and every other hobby farmers’) were limited to making soup. Pilot, who had became more and more aggressive with us and with the hens, sadly resulted in a delicious noodle soup.

chicken soup dish


But Flipper had bonded with us both and had a gentle demeanor. We needed to find a new home for him.

M's Samsung 3125

Flipper, with his dark eyes, soft beard and delight for cuddling, needed a home of his own

Luckily, one of FM’s co-workers was looking for a young rooster to watch over her young flock. In the dark of night, we pulled Flipper off the roost, put him into a box and into her car. By morning, he was in a coop on Denman Island with his new family. Of course, a family is not made overnight and nothing went smoothly for him right away. Flipper hid away in the coop for days, stopped crowing and simply tolerated the hen-pecking that came at him. It seems he had imprinted so much on humans that he had trouble fitting in with the flock.

It took almost a month before our young roo figured out how to protect, care for and earn the respect of the flock. But all that happened this week. I just received pictures of him with his girls, making food calls and strutting around his new digs.


Here he is, roostering!


My new chicks dig my red hot plumage so I took a new name.    Call me Ember.

I wish him all the best.

2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. <3. So glad he didn't end up in the pot and you found a suitable new home – he is gorgeous!

  2. Flipper/Ember is gorgeous! What a looker. Glad he was given a flock and has made it his home

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