Brotherly Love

The stars fell into alignment at the end of August. My three brothers and most of their families all arrived at the Queendom for a weekend. For some readers, this kind of family gathering is a regular occurrence but, for us, this is a rare event indeed. I can probably count on one hand the times that all four of us have been together in the past 15 years. I may even have some fingers to spare.

It isn’t that we avoid each other or that we don’t get along. We actually truly enjoy being together and always wish that we could do it more often. Probably because of our shared history, we are quick to pick up the threads and carry on as if no time has passed.

By the time dinner rolled around on the first day, we were already laughing about Mr. Payne’s trees and backpacks full of bottle rockets. Memories were stirred up and new truths were revealed. Some past decisions were regretted and others were applauded. Sometimes great philosophical observations were made and, in the next minute, the laughter blotted out all else.

I guess there is truth in the saying that spending those formative years together creates lifelong bonds. Although we are usually geographically separated, it is easy to slip back into the comfortable past with these guys. But I have to wonder how well I really know them as adults. We were so young back then. These grown men are not the kids that used to torment me or the ones I tried to manipulate. They are not the same boys that taught me how to slow dance and how to keep secrets. Each of us has changed and evolved so drastically since those good ol’ days. How could we still have anything in common?

But we do.

You can tell we do by the ease with which we talk about the difficult and unpleasant things that need to be discussed. You can tell by the manner we approach and advise each other on the challenges and choices that each of us are quietly facing. All these years later, I still value their opinions and their views more highly than any others. This weekend will go down in my memory as one of those treasured times when we drank deeply from the fountain of youth. Refreshing, invigorating, rejuvenating!

Until next time, bros!

Oh – and thanks for splitting and stacking more than 2 cords of wood!

Sandy – the eldest. Don’t even ask what he is doing here. It was all part of the fun! Sadly his bride couldn’t make our little reunion due to work commitments (so we talked about her endlessly!)

Me – in the middle – and nephew Jasper drove the tractor around and cut the grass while everyone else chopped wood.

Johnny – also in the middle. You have to work hard when you are a middle child.

Mike – the youngest.  Does it show?

Tanya – my sis-in-law. Dr. T kept us all a-runnin’ while she deftly worked the log splitter. Idle hands, and all that.

When he wasn’t shooting photos of everyone having fun, he was preparing a salmon dinner for 10.

Spidey got caught in a sticky situation. You’ll have to wait for the movie to see how this turns out.

My niece Emelia – She patiently tolerated all the antics of her uncles and aunt without complaint.

My nephew Alex – the kindest and most gentle superhero that you ever did meet.

My nephew Jasper – his ability to control all the adults in the room with a single word was captivating. He will go far!

Tanya, Jasper and Mike, enjoying a brief moment of relaxing beach time.

Although he made every effort to be part of it all, Jasper eventually was bored to sleep with all our adult conversation and reminiscences.

4 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. So glad your weekend with your brothers was such a happy time, Martha. I loved seeing their photos after hearing stories about them. Jasper is a real cutie! I can’t believe how grown up he looks.

    1. Thanks, Shelley! We had a great time and I hope that we’ll do it more often. It will be extra amazing if we all made it out to Halifax some day! I may add some more photos if I can get my hands on some of my niece and other nephew.

  2. How eloquently put, Martha. I am looking forward to seeing my three brothers in December. Good to see the pics!

  3. Wow. You make us sound great Martha. Thanks! I’ll send you a picture of my kids. You’ll have to do what you can to make them “delightful.” Good luck.

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