The Party Horn

With the arrival of summer, we have been treated to Roo’s first attempts at crowing. It started one day at about three in the afternoon. He was hanging out on the porch, keeping all his chicks in line, when suddenly he made a most unusual sound. It sounded as if someone stepped on him. He himself was a bit shocked and embarrassed by it and seemed to look around, trying to figure out where the sound had come from.

Every day, usually in the late afternoon, he crows. You can see it coming. He stands with his feet wide apart and stretches his neck out towards the ground with his beak open. It looks like he is about to up-chuck his breakfast. Then a force beyond his control starts in his toes and works its way up through his body until it finally comes out. He often needs to flap his wings in order to release the pressure. It sounds just like a New Year’s Eve party horn. Over the past two weeks, his crowing has improved but it still makes me laugh right out loud.

3 thoughts on “The Party Horn

  1. Thanks for the laugh today! I got to my emails after working on Leadership Camp planning. What a perfect way to end my evening!?!?!
    Your rooster is really growing fast and is really fun to watch.

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