Melted Chicken

I hope you weren’t expecting a recipe here!

We have discovered that our little brood has a pretty low tolerance for heat and direct sun light. It isn’t uncommon for the chickens to exit the coop and instantly flop into a pile and fall asleep. One after another, they walk into a sunny spot, fluff out their feathers, get weak in the knees and sprawl to the ground in slow-motion with their wings opened.


Our cold-hardy Chantecler chickens will thrive when the temperatures drop below freezing but who knew that they would melt on a sunny 25C day?


They’re not dead. They’re resting.

Their narcolepsy episodes never last long. They managed to pull themselves together and run for the shade after a minute or two. But it is very amusing to see them run across a sunny patch, slow down and have their knees turn to jelly before they make it to the other side.

I think I might enjoy a catnap myself here in this sunbeammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

2 thoughts on “Melted Chicken

  1. Your chickens are funny. I would have thought they were dying. It’s great how all species react differently to environmental factors. Thanks for the post and pics.

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