Year End Slide Show

Happy New Year!

We have made a slide show of our best photos from 2012.
Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to our skydrive link.  There are no downloads or any other nasties to deal with.  Once the Powerpoint Web App loads, click on the “start slide show” button on the top bar.

4 thoughts on “Year End Slide Show

  1. Martha, Thank you for this amazing slide show. Gerry and I loved seeing your year unfold. We hope 2013 is another wonderful adventure. If the opportunity arises, we would love to see you in the coming year. We are back in Southern California and are enjoying being home. Happy New Year to you and your amazing man. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Jen! We would love to see you and the guest room is always ready for action, if you decide to head north. We would love to come down to you but haven’t planned past this weekend yet!
      Have a great new year! M

  2. Thanks for sharing your year of transition. I hope to follow a similar path in the next couple of years. Look forward to seeing the both of you some time soon… Like the BBT…

    1. Thanks, H’ard. B will definitely be at BBT and I am still trying to figure out my work schedule but it may be in the cards. Cheers!

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