Would the real Kit Kat please stand up!

Upon taking possession of our new abode, we found a note from Mike, the previous owner. He gave a few details about the house, some contact information for him and a vague mention of a lost cat. He said that his outdoor cat, Kit Kat, had been on a walk-about for a few weeks and would eventually turn up. Please call him (Mike) when Kit Kat came back and he would drive right over to collect him.

I should mention right away that FM is no fan of cats, being highly allergic to them. If ever we visit a home with a cat, the cat will undoubtedly make a beeline for FM, attempting to wind between his legs, and FM will make a beeline for the door. It was news to us to hear that a cat had lived in this house and instantly told us that we would have to be even more diligent in our cleaning before we settled in.

After a few days, we spotted the cat on the island in our pond. It was a grey long-haired cat with a black face. It sat ever so still making it easy to mistake it for a stump. The mystery of how it got onto the island continues to puzzle us but there it was. We didn’t contact Mike right away because, with no bridge, there is no way for a human (or a cat) to get to the island without getting soaked.

Who are you anyways?

Who are you anyway?

One afternoon, I spotted the cat near the kitchen porch. Thinking I could lure it nearer, I stepped outside and made tsk tsking sounds, believing that this is cat talk for ‘come here and get some lovin’. I know very little about cats myself, having been attacked at a young age by “Friendly” and wisely keeping my distance ever since. Well, my presence made this cat move at lightning speed across our property and through a fence. Kit Kat was playing hard-to-get and didn’t seem too interested in the fact that his family had relocated.

A few weeks passed with daily sightings of Kit Kat on the island but no progress in getting him to his rightful owner. One evening we had some friends over (cat people!) and, as they pulled up the driveway, a cat met them at their car door and made all the mewing sounds typical of a pet. But this cat was not the black-faced cat that we had been monitoring. This was a tabby with tortoise-coloured fur. As they entered the house, it took a concerted effort to keep this new cat outside. After we closed the door on him, he proceeded to caterwaul and throw himself at the windows. He launched himself at the window screens, tearing them as he fell to the ground. It became evident that this new cat was the missing Kit Kat, who had just returned from a long journey and was very keen on getting some lovin’ and some food. Sadly, he found no warm reception with us in the house and was obviously pissed off at the lack of attention.

After a long night of listening to Kit Kat wail and cry (despite the bucket of water), I emailed Mike in the early morning, saying “Kit Kat is back. Come at once!” Mike responded right away and arrived within 15 minutes. As I stood back and watched in awe, he somehow managed to grab this feisty pet, get it into his pick-up truck and drive away, dodging scratches all the while.

That was the last we saw of Kit Kat. I guess he figured that we aren’t worth visiting. But the other cat, the long-haired grey with the black face, can still be seen every so often, wandering on the far side of the property. We don’t know who he is but we know he isn’t Kit Kat.

What do you think??

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