START HERE – The Background Story

As a couple of suburbanites, we resigned ourselves to our urban existence years ago.  We both have well-paying jobs that challenge us and allow us to live a more-than-comfortable life.  We have a beautiful home that we have renovated to meet our contemporary needs and a garden which gives us year-round pleasure and nourishment. We travel to races at the drop of a hat.  We make online purchases without barely a second thought.  We have both sets of parents and most of our siblings close enough for family get-togethers.  The good aspects are good and we usually manage to overlook the negative.


Urban Retreat

Our roots grow here

The fact that the flight path recently moved directly over our home is something that we quietly grumble about.  Fabulous Man’s transit commute is taking longer each month and all those buses and skytrains seem to be filled with coughing, sneezing, sick people.  Our ventures into the local mountains to run on sweet trails are becoming harrowing commutes as well.  Sometimes the time to travel to a trailhead is longer  and more exhausting than the run itself.

At least once each year (usually in November) for a few weeks, we entertain fantasies of leaving the big shitty behind and finding a new home in some small town.  During those weak moments, the realtor page sits open on the computer with the ‘acreage’ field selected and some treasure of a rural home left open for the other to peruse.  We keep tabs on the markets in Okanagan and Nelson, but we aren’t fussy about the locale.  It just has to be quiet.  I fondly remember an old friend saying that he would never live in a place that had a traffic report.   That’s all we want.