Costco Time Machine

After a morning of watching yet another 10 cm of fluffy snow fall on the Queendom, we finally heard the plow drive past on the main road to town. We drove in to do the weekly shop. Camouflaged Trumpeter Swans filled the nearby fields. It finally feels like winter has arrived.

Winter looks like it is finally here to stay.

After months of cold temps but no snow, winter looks like it has finally arrived.  The snow just keeps on coming down. Hooray!

We went in to Costco to grab a couple of jugs of milk and somehow we found ourselves wandering through the *gardening aisle*!

Why is Costco always four months beyond real time?

Why is Costco always four months beyond real time?

Does anyone in Canada buy potting soil in mid-February? How about barbecues, tents, kayaks and grass seed? There was a bafflingly wide selection of camping gear, patio planters and gardening gloves.

There must be some logic to this marketing ploy. I suppose that some suckers fill their carts with this summer merchandise in hopes that it will make winter pass quickly. But most locals know that the frost-free date stands fast at May 24 and no amount of wishful thinking will change that. Filling a quarter of the store with unseasonal goods seems crazy to me but someone must be buying this stuff. It is pretty valuable stock space to dedicate just to amuse the patrons.

The part that frustrates me is that when I really need new gardening gloves or a hose in August, this section will be filled with artificial Christmas trees and reindeer. Bah humbug!

This snowman says, "Spend less time at Costco and you're life will seem richer!"

This snowman says, “Spend less time at Costco and you’re life will seem richer!”

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