Hen House – Take 2

Oops!  We made a big mistake and learned an important lesson this week.

Chickens + linoleum = injury

But don’t worry – no chickens were actually injured during the learning of this lesson!

In my last post, I outlined the steps we took to transform our workshop bathroom into a chicken coop. As soon as we let the chickens free in their new digs, they began to chase and fly and race and spin, as chickens do. But, with the smooth flooring beneath the shavings, they were skidding, sliding and bumping into each other and the various furnishings. It was obvious that someone would get hurt if we didn’t remedy this.

FM and I had decided on a linoleum floor, thinking that it would be easy to sweep up the pine shavings for weekly cleanings and even mop and disinfect if ever sickness took hold of our flock.


We hardly wanted to undo our flooring work and start again. So we found an old, weathered, used piece of press-board and placed it on top of the lino. We cut a few more scrap pieces to fill the smaller spaces. We didn’t screw it down or anything.  It will be easy to lift off for cleanings.


We suspended the heat lamp and the food trough, screwed the two roosts into the walls, spread pine shavings around and brought the girls(?) back in.



And they lived happily ever after, spinning and chasing to their heart’s content.

What do you think??

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