Farewell to the Angels

Winning the tackiest home decor award … the fireplace angels!

There is no accounting for bad taste in home decor.

There is no accounting for bad taste in home decor. Check out the sponge-painted fireplace surround while you’re at it!

These little angels are relics from our home in Delta. The previous owners had these carved wooden beauties mounted on either side of a gas fireplace in the TV room. When we moved into that house 9 years ago, our first order of business was to remove the hideous angels and I believe we did exactly that as soon as the moving truck pulled away. But FM and I held on to these angels all this time because we thought they deserved a memorable demise. Can you believe that they were included in our move to the Queendom?

Well, once we had mastered the routine of the bonfire, we decided that their time had come.

A Fitting Demise

Have we unknowingly cursed the Queendom with this action?

Truly, this post is simply an inside joke between me and FM that we hope will live on long after our memories fail. Just more evidence of the nutty connection and odd humour that we share.

4 thoughts on “Farewell to the Angels

  1. I know a lady here in Brisbane that would have LOVED those cherubs. If she’d got her hands on them, they’d be painted hot pink by now. I enjoyed the visit.

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