Tyrone the Bear

With the endless rains we have been having, the property is terribly wet and mucky. We have both admitted to having waves of anxiety about it. It is too soggy to even walk across without boots so how in the world are we ever going to make it attractive, let alone walk across it to plant something. No plant would survive out there.

So on the rare rainless weekend, we sit outside for lunch or dinner, turning our backs to the bog and facing the pond instead. At least the pond is supposed to be wet and mucky.

But on this occasion, since it was cool out and I needed a full sunbeam in order to make sitting outside possible, we sat on the kitchen porch steps. I sat up on the top step, facing the pond, and FM faced me and could see the boggy wetlands beyond. Suddenly his attention was directed over my shoulder.

“A bear!” he whispered.

Beyond the dirt pile and the burned stump, Tyrone the Black Bear ambles along the front of our yard.

I turned to see a small black bear slowly making his way across the muddy front of our yard, close to the road.  He couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 years old and seemed content to meander along, sniffing at various plants and dirt as he went. FM found the camera and took a number of pictures. Although it seems close, it is about 100m away from us. He easily negotiated the fence bordering the neighbours and was gone.

Finding beauty and tasty eats wherever he goes, Tyrone is unaffected by the lack of aesthetic appeal in our front yard.

I can take a few lessons from this experience. (1) What we find unappealing can be very attractive to someone else.  (2) If you always turn you back on obstacles, you may miss a chance encounter.  You can bet your nickel that I am always looking over toward the front of the yard now, in search of another sighting of Tyrone the Black Bear.

What do you think??

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