The Song of 10,000 Frogs

When you buy a house, you know only a tiny bit about your new environment before you jump in.   High emotions cause you to overlook some aspects and to completely ignore others.  Luckily, we have discovered few surprises since moving in, and the surprises we have come across have not been insurmountable.

One discovery was made on our first evening in the new home – before the moving truck had even arrived.  It was March 31 and the evening was dark and cool.  It started at 7:45 pm – the first rib-bit.  We looked at each other and laughed since neither of us had realized that the large pond contained any life at all.  Soon the first call was answered by another rib-it and within 10 minutes, the air was thick with the croaking, cricking and creaking of frogs.  There must have been hundreds and hundreds of them.  We stood out on the balcony and took it all in.  I am not exaggerating when I say that we had to raise our voices to hear each other above the sound of the frogs.


As the evening wore on, the sound remained constant and I began to wonder if I would be able to sleep through it, but their sounds blended into a pleasant white noise that easily lulled us both to sleep.  In fact, when the frogs stop singing, about an hour before sunrise, the lack of singing wakes me up.

A little research around our pond and on the internet taught us that our pond is host to the Pacific Chorus Frog (or Pacific Tree Frog).  They are tiny little fellows, around 5 cm long, who can be vivid green or brownish-gold.  Their presence speaks volumes of the health of our pond water.  We have read that they will move on once the early spring mating seasons ends, but their tadpoles will grow here and they will return each spring.  Yahoo!

Pacific Chorus Frog

Pacific Chorus Frog – introducing ourselves to our neighbours

Pacific Chorus Frog#2

I’m with the band

Pacific Chorus Frog #3

Basking in the sunlight after a wild night

2 thoughts on “The Song of 10,000 Frogs

  1. Thanks for the great stories. Jeanne and I had a frog pond out of our window here at home. You will notice that the frog songs will change throughout the year. Just wait until mating season… they can really sing!

  2. The frogs are silent now and we are missing them. There are thousands of tadpoles with little leglets so I am expecting a whole new chorus in the spring.

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