We Were Good In Bed

Garden bed, that is!  I like to think that we are both accomplished gardeners.  In our previous home, FM had been in charge of the vegetable garden and I had the reins of the flower garden.  The flower garden gave us nine months of beauty each year and we ate heartily from FM’s veggie garden through the summer and fall.

Here are some photos of what we left behind:

Close to the house we had Japanese Maple (x2); Viburnum; Red Leaf Maple; Rhododendrons; Azaleas; Hardy Fushia; Globe thistles; Lilac tree; Jackmanii clematis; etc.

In this pic, the veggie beds contain fall rye, but earlier in the season they had carrots; hop vines (yum!); kale; swiss chard; spinach; broccoli; pole beans; onions; potatoes; snap peas; etc.

Dwarf Jubilee apple tree; Lady’s Mantle; Gooseneck Loosestrife; with veggie beds behind

Dwarf Golden Russet apple; Balloon Flower; Burning Bush; Lamb’s Ear; Phlox; Dianthus; Hydrangea; Mallow; Euphorbia; Dwarf Cox’s Orange Pippin apple; Spike Speedwell; Japanese Anenome; etc.

Hydrangea; Sweet Autumn Clematis; climbing rose; Mallow; Blue Oat Grass; Golden Russet Apple; star Magnolia; etc.

These photos help me remember the green thumbs that we possess.  It will be a long time before either of us weed our new garden since it only exists in our minds at this point.  Until then, we have a long list of things to do which include excavating, drainage piping, re-grading, log removal, saw-milling, deer fencing and a bunch of other things I haven’t learned about yet.

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do you think??

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