The Move

Moving is a bitch.  I hope that writing it here will help me retain that fact so that I never do it again.  It is impossibly exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Important decisions are made at lightning speed.  Even though this move represents an exciting choice for us, the minutiae just about put us in the looney bin.

One difficult aspect is sorting through all the old crap.  Should you sort it before you move it or should you sort it once you have the luxury of time on the other end?  In theory, I believe that you should purge things before they have a chance to clutter up the new space.  Otherwise, you end up moving boxes of stuff that never got unpacked from the previous move.  But FM is of the other mind-set.  He thinks that you should wait before throwing things away because you never know what things will suddenly be important in the new place.

Well, time is the ultimate decider in our case, so no sorting took place.  Before the ink had even dried on our real estate contract, I landed a teaching job with the Comox Valley School District.  I had applied for a job with little optimism and somehow managed to get an interview for it.  Next thing you know, I resigned from my amazing teaching position in Delta, packed up a suitcase or two and moved in with distant family in Comox in order to start this new teaching job.  All of this happened between February 20 and March 12!  My entire career did a backward somersault in a 3 week period.

Suddenly I had no part in the of the packing up our old house and readying it for the real estate market.  FM was left with all the decisions about moving companies, real estate conveyancing and bank financing while I was left to begin exploring our new town on my own.

FM had movers come in and do a partial pack, which helped to remove the main clutter around the house and get it ready for a professional photography shoot.  He had all the paperwork drawn up and, when I would arrive home for a weekend, we would go to a string of appointments with banks and lawyers.

On the first day of a 2 week school spring break, FM came over to the island with a trailer full of valuables and breakables.  We drove up to our new home and walked in, trying to take in this new reality.

Arriving Home

Home Sweet Rural Home

We spent the next day scrubbing, washing and cleaning. We wandered the land.  We slept on the living room floor and ate casseroles that I had made earlier that week.  We had no range, since we were moving ours from our old home so we had to be creative in food preparations.

Happily scrubbing

Have you ever seen such a happy cleaner?

King of all he surveys

FM surveying his newly acquired Queendom

Back to the mainland we went to oversee the frenzy of packing and the loading of the moving truck.  As the movers packed everything, we followed behind with cleaners and vacuums.  Once the moving truck left, we headed back over to the new place to start the process of moving in.


Waiting at the ferry terminal on our way to meet the moving truck

William's Moving and Storage

Here comes our 16 000 lbs of stuff. It was a bit tricky for the truck to negotiate our driveway entrance.

We used Williams Moving to pack and move our stuff and they were great.  All of the team members that unloaded this enormous truck were energetic, enthusiastic, careful and patient.

Living/Dining Room

Let the fun begin!


“I just want something cold to drink…”

We both had the luxury of 2 weeks off to deal with the move and start the unpacking process.  Luckily the house is spacious with lots of storage space so we were able to get a big chunk of it done in a short period of time.  (Although I don’t think the workshop will ever be unpacked)

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